📣🌊 Watermatex 2023: Exciting Conference Beginning! 🌟

Mostafa Khalil

Join us for an exhilarating Monday opening session at Watermatex 2023, where we’ll be featuring two young professors presenting their views on integrated assessment in water management on two scales: urban water and river basin. 🚀

👩‍🏫🌿 Meet Elmira Hassanzadeh, Associate Professor at Polytechnique Montréal. She’ll be discussing the paramount importance of “Community Engagement for Water Management Under Uncertainty.” Elmira’s research delves into integrated modelling of water resource systems, understanding system behaviour under changing conditions, and developing decision support tools based on stakeholders’ perspectives for effective water management. Elmira’s research also focuses on the inclusion on the social dimension in integrated water resource management. Her dedication to water sustainability has earned her the role of co-responsible for CentrEau’s water availability axis and the position of Associate Editor for Earth’s Future and Hydrological Sciences Journal. 🌍💧

👨‍🏫🌆 On the same stage, we have Peter Marcus Bach, a Senior Research Scientist at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST). He brings a fresh perspective on “Modelling ‘Palettes’ – A New Dawn of Integrated Assessment to Support Water Management’s Role Towards Climate-Adaptive Cities.” Peter’s expertise lies in integrated modelling and blue-green infrastructures, and his research focuses on developing quantitative approaches to aid urban planning and adaptation to climate change. He is particularly passionate about promoting urban naturebasedsolutions to tackle environmental challenges. 🌱🏙️

🗓️ Make sure to mark your calendars and be there on Monday for this session that will enthusiastically kick-off the first full day of Watermatex2023. Gain valuable insights from these exceptional minds as they pave the way for innovative water management strategies in river basins and urban context.💡

Keynote Speaker Bruce Beck

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