Introducing the YWP Problems and Ideas Session

Mostafa Khalil

📢 Exciting Announcement! 🌟

We’re thrilled to introduce the “Problems and Ideas” Session, an innovative initiative driven by our dedicated Young Water Professionals (YWP) steering committee. 🚀

🎯 Goal: This session aims to provide a unique platform for discussing research problems, unsolved challenges and/or intriguing ideas within the Watermatex community. Moreover, it’s designed to ignite cross-fertilization among different domains and expertise, inject new energy into projects that might feel a bit stagnant, and facilitate the invaluable sharing of lessons learned.

🗓️ Event Details: The session is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26th, and will unfold over a dynamic 1-hour period. The structure involves enlightening round table discussions where participants can dive into engaging conversations.

🎤 Format: Distinguished speakers will present their topics in a plenary pitch, setting the stage for insightful discussions. Following these pitches, participants can freely choose the discussion they’re most passionate about and join the conversation.

📝 Call for Topics: If you’re enthusiastic about sharing your expertise and insights, we encourage you to send a concise description of your topic to: by September 10th. The title should be “Problems and ideas - Surname_Name” and the description shouldn’t exceed 400 words. We’ll be announcing the selected topics on September 18th, ensuring ample time for you to prepare and engage.

This session embodies the spirit of collaborative exploration and idea exchange that’s at the heart of Watermatex 2023. It’s a unique opportunity to break down barriers, inspire fresh thinking, and collectively shape the future of water management.

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